Baltimore Ravens preseason 24 wins streak ends by Washington Commanders

End of Ravens preseason win streak


“In LANDOVER, Md., the least significant winning streak in American pro sports has come to an end.”

“Joey Slye, the kicker for the Washington Commanders, nailed a 49-yard field goal with just nine seconds left, securing a 29-28 victory for his team against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens had a remarkable streak of 24 consecutive preseason wins dating back to 2016, but it came to an end in this game.So ravens preseason win finally came to end this year.

In the final four minutes, Washington came close to tying the score at 28, only one yard away. However, Ravens cornerback Kyu Kelly stopped Commanders fullback Alex Armah just short after catching a pass from third-string quarterback Jake Fromm. This prevented the Commanders from converting a two-point play.

Despite quarterback Anthony Brown Jr. leading the Ravens, they couldn’t run out the clock. Washington found themselves facing a challenging 4th-and-11 on their own side of the field with just over a minute left. Fortunately for them, a pass interference call was made, giving Washington another chance to continue the drive.”


Ravens preseason



Fromm & Kazmeir’s contribution in Ravens preseason game

Fromm and Kazmeir Allen combined for the last eight yards, bridging the gap for Slye’s crucial kick.

“We simply persevered, fought, and gave it our all,” Fromm shared in a conversation with USA TODAY Sports.

Fromm was deeply engaged in deciphering the Ravens’ defensive strategies, focusing on where their pressure was originating. He mentioned that he didn’t dedicate much thought to ending their winning streak, though Baltimore’s head coach, John Harbaugh, disagreed with those who perceived the streak as insignificant victories.

“You haven’t been in those shoes,” Harbaugh countered. “You haven’t been on the field during a preseason game, vying for a spot. And then you have the audacity to label the dedication someone invests to battle and triumph in such a game as meaningless.”

Harbaugh emphasized that the streak’s endurance can’t be attributed to a single factor. It mirrors the organization’s approach to practice, meetings, nurturing young talents, and scouting both college and professional players to fortify the team.

“In the end, it’s about football and the men — and now, women too — who participate in the sport,” Harbaugh explained. “It highlights why this game is so exceptional, why it holds such significance. It demands that level of commitment. Football thrives on the valor of individuals willing to push themselves in demanding situations, both physically and mentally. It takes genuine determination to engage in this game, to fight with that intensity. Those who cherish football often do so for this very reason. They appreciate the dedication required to partake in the game.”

The opening drive showcased a clash between first-round draft picks. Zay Flowers (22nd overall), a wide receiver for the Ravens, and Emmanuel Forbes (16th overall), a cornerback for the Commanders, faced off. Flowers made an 11-yard reception from his first target and later sprinted 26 yards for his inaugural professional touchdown on a play-action pass.

Washington Commander”s role

Sam Howell, the Commanders’ quarterback named as the starter just the previous Friday, completed 19 of his 25 throws, gaining 188 yards and scoring two touchdowns, both occurring in the last two minutes of the first half. Washington’s coach, Ron Rivera, opted to keep his offensive starters in the game for the initial half, a choice not devoid of risks. Wide receiver Terry McLaurin left the field with a toe injury, showing clear discomfort.

“It might not be a true game,” Howell commented, “but regardless of the circumstances, you’re eager to secure a victory for your team.

“Participating in it and watching it was incredibly enjoyable.”

Baltimore Ravens victories

Since 2021, Baltimore has taken the lead for the highest number of consecutive preseason victories. They clinched their 20th straight win, surpassing the record previously held by the 1959-1962 Green Bay Packers (led by the legendary coach Vince Lombardi) as the most dominant preseason streak.

The game on Monday had a sense of familiarity, given that the teams had engaged in a couple of joint practices at the Ravens’ facility in Owings Mills, Maryland, just last week. During the latter practice, tensions flared, leading to a couple of scuffles between Washington’s offensive line and the Ravens’ defensive front. Unfortunately, that animosity carried over into the game.


Following a touchdown by Washington, right guard Sam Cosmi showcased his “Griddy” celebration. During the weekend, Cosmi, who was part of the practice disagreements, didn’t attach much significance to the Ravens’ preseason record.

“I find it a rather pointless record. I mean, who really cares about preseason games?” Cosmi shared with the media. “If we surpass it, that’s great. And we will surpass it, so there you have it.”


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