Baltimore Ravens preseason 24 wins streak ends by Washington Commanders

End of Ravens preseason win streak   “In LANDOVER, Md., the least significant winning streak in American pro sports has come to an end.” “Joey Slye, the kicker for the Washington Commanders, nailed a 49-yard field goal with just nine seconds left, securing a 29-28 victory for his team against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens … Read more

In women’s world cup ,Spain comes out on top 1 against England in the record breaking final .

  final of the record-breaking Women’s World Cup On Sunday, in the Women’s World Cup final, Spain won against England with a score of 1-0. This wraps up a tournament that broke attendance and TV records, sparking hopes of more interest in women’s soccer. The Women’s World Cup was hosted by Australia and New Zealand … Read more

Sam Asghari, Britney Spears’s 3rd husband, files for divorce after a year.

  Britney Spears Challenges The couple married in June 2022, just months after her conservatorship was ended in a Los Angeles court. Mr. Asghari is her third husband. After a little more than a year of marriage, Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asghari, whom she married after being released from the conservatorship and that had controlled … Read more

Black Hole as per NASA new findings

Supermassive black hole The “super” in supermassive black hole is highlighted in this brand-new NASA animation. These monstrosities, which have between 100,000 to tens of billions of times more mass than our Sun, are found at the centre of most large galaxies, including the Milky Way. Any light that crosses the black hole’s event horizon, … Read more

15th August Importance

15th august
Every year, on the  15  august , India comes alive with a vibrant display of patriotism, unity, and cultural diversity. This day holds a special place in the hearts of every Indian, as it marks the country’s hard-fought journey to independence from British colonial rule. The 15th of August is a day of reflection, celebration, and renewal of the spirit that binds this diverse nation together.

  The Significance of 15th august

The 15th  august 1947, will forever be remembered as on this day India became free from British rule. Years of battle under the direction of legendary figures likes Subhas Chandra Bose  Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, and others came to an end with this. The day represents India’s courage, unity, and commitment to securing its legitimate position as a sovereign nation on the international stage.

The story of India’s struggle for independence is a tale of courage, sacrifice, and relentless determination.

  Unity In Diversity

Independence Day which we celebrate on 15th august is a striking illustration of how India’s diversity is one of its greatest strengths. Regardless of caste, religion, language, or geographic region, people from all walks of life gather together to celebrate the country’s sovereignty. The Indian tricolor flag serves as a unifying symbol that crosses linguistic and cultural divides and serves as a constant reminder that everyone is a citizen of one magnificent country.

   The Celebration

Celebration on 15th august at Red Fort in New Delhi
Everywhere in the nation, people adore and pay tribute to the 15th august. The primary ceremony is held at the Red Fort in Delhi, when the Indian Prime Minister addresses the country while hoisting the flag. Numerous people attend the event, and millions watch it on television. In his address, the prime minister frequently celebrates the nation’s achievements, lays out its future objectives, and pays tribute to the liberation warriors who made it all possible.

Along with the formal celebration, cultural events, flag-raising ceremonies, and patriotic competitions are organized by schools, universities, and other groups. The brilliant colors of kites are used to adorn the skies, representing the freedom to soar high.

Independence Day is not just for remembering the past; it is also a time to reaffirm our commitment to the principles upon which the nation was founded. This day is an occasion to reflect on how far India has come since 1947 and to look ahead to a prosperous, inclusive, and just future. It reminds us that the fight for freedom was an ongoing defense of the principles of justice, equality, and liberty.

As the sun rises on the 15th  August each year, it brings with it a sense of hope, unity, and gratitude. Independence Day is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by countless great leaders,nationalist,whose determination paved the way for a free and sovereign India. It’s a day to celebrate the nation’s achievements, diversity, and potential. As Indians from all walks of life come together to hoist the tricolor and sing the national anthem, they reaffirm their commitment to preserving the hard-earned independence and to shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

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Perseids Meteors

Perseids Meteors

MLB is investigating social media posts with regard to Ray’s Wander Franco


MLB is investigating social media posts with regard to Ray’s Wander Franco

Allegations made to Franco

The 22-year-old Star ” Wander Franco “ did not board the team jet to San Francisco prior to the Rays’ series against the  Giants because Major League Baseball  was investigating social media remarks made by   Tampa Bay  , sources said.

The Rays released a statement on Sunday saying, “During today’s game, we were made aware of the social media posts that are circulating regarding Wander Franco.” We are in close contact with Major League Baseball as it performs its due diligence because we take the problem seriously.

The subject matter of the social media posts was not specified by Tampa Bay.

Franco may be put on the restricted list or placed on administrative leave while MLB investigates the social media posts to confirm the details.

What did Franco do?

Franco was in the Rays’ bench at the start of the game and exited in the fifth inning of Sunday’s game against Cleveland, which he did not participate in. Following Tampa Bay’s 9-2 loss , he avoided speaking to the media.

The Wander Franco snapback hat for fans aged 14 and younger was the Sunday promotion at Tropicana Field.

After the game, Rays manager Kevin Cash was questioned about whether Franco’s decision to sit out was anything more than just a regular day off. Cash answered, “No.”

Teams have employed the restricted list, in which a player is removed from the roster and typically not paid, for a number of reasons, including treatment for substance addiction, arrests, failure to report, problems with visas, and at the request of players to resolve particular problems.

The player is removed off the roster but still paid when on administrative leave, as was the situation in the instance of former Los Angeles Dodgers starter Trevor Bauer when the league was looking into domestic abuse claims made against him. A player cannot be placed on administrative leave without the consent of MLB and the MLB Players Association.

I’m aware of the rumors, but I won’t say anything more about them, Cash stated. The day off was taken because it was a holiday.

 Osleivis Basabe was promoted by the Rays and will make his main league debut at shortstop. Basabe, who had a 1-for-3 performance with a double on Saturday night with Triple-A Durham, was informed that he had been promoted.

Contract signed by Franco

The 11-year, $182 million contract Franco signed with Tampa Bay in November 2021 has a potential value of $223 million if the team option for 2033 is exercised.

Franco is batting well this year and was selected to his first All-Star team. He is also among the league leaders in wins above replacement.17 home runs, 58 RBIs, a slash line of 281/.344/.475 and a stolen base percentage of 30 for 40 in 112 games.

Franco was benched by the Rays earlier this season for “not being the best teammate,” according to Cash, in the manner he handled his anger on the field.

Monday marks the start of the Rays’ three-game series against the Giants.

This report contained data from The Associated Press.

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Perseids Meteor Showers

Shooting stars over the Alps

This weekend will see the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, which appears like “a ball of fire”.

While meteors begin to appear in July, this Saturday and Sunday will offer the best chances to see the Perseids in the northern hemisphere.

This weekend, the best meteor shower of the year is predicted to peak, making it a treat for Stargazers

Myth about Perseids

Because the meteor shower appears to originate from the constellation of the same name, the Perseids are named after the Greek hero Perseus.

  • The gorgon Medusa is said to have been killed by Perseus by chopping off her snake-covered head while seeing her reflection in his shield, according to myth.
  • Although the meteors begin to appear in mid-July, this weekend is the greatest time to observe them because the Perseid meteor shower is at its peak in the northern hemisphere.
  • Some Catholics refer to the Perseids as the “tears of Saint Lawrence“, suspended in the sky but returning to Earth once a year on August 10, the canonical date of that saint’s martyrdom in 258 AD. The saint is said to have been burned alive on a gridiron. His manner of death is almost certainly the origin of the Mediterranean folk legend claiming that the shooting stars are the sparks of Saint Lawrence’s martyrdom.

What SCIENCE Says?

The Perseids appear as the Earth moves through debris that comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle has left behind.

Smale said that many of the particles are little larger than a sand grain and that when we fly through it, “that stuff cascades into our atmosphere and is traveling at phenomenal speeds so [it] heats up.”

The primordial comet, often known as a “dirty snowball,” originated along with the solar system some 4.6 billion years ago.

“It’s exciting to think that those tiny bits of dust are actually the leftover material from which the entire solar system formed,” said “Lucie Green”, a professor of physics at University College London and president of the Society for Popular Astronomy. In this manner, observing this meteor shower is very fun and important.each streak of light is indicating a certain events of past.

The peak is expected to be Saturday night into Sunday, but if anyone wants to have a late night on Sunday night into Monday, it would be still very good ,according to “Derek Smale”, program manager for the UK Space Agency’s ESA space safety and security.

Past Recorded Events of Perseids Meteors

In 1992, the comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle raced through the inner solar system; it won’t be seen again until 2125.

Up to 100 meteors may be seen flashing across the sky every hour during the Perseids shower, according to Nasa, at least where there are dark skies, says Smale. Fireballs, which are unusually brilliant meteors, are also a part of the show. Some fireballs can even have red, blue, or green colors and shine as brightly as Venus in the night sky.

Smale stated, “They really can be dramatic,” and added that the pea-sized rocks that cause fireballs are in the process of erupting.

“Just because they are that much larger, there is that much more resistance against the atmosphere so they are heating up and it is literally like watching a ball of fire coming across the sky – it’s really quite something when you see these,” he added.

The Southern Delta Aquariids, a meteor shower that peaked last month, will still be visible to stargazers in the southern hemisphere while the Perseids will be seen there in less abundance.

The Perseids are expected to put on quite a display for people in the northern hemisphere, according to Smale, who also notes that the weather prediction has improved, at least for the UK, and that because of the impending new moon, the skies will be darker than normal.

He advised leaving the bright lights of cities and towns, putting your phone away, and climbing a hill for a decent view since rising above local trees and structures will improve your ability to see the sky.

As meteors might occur anywhere in the night sky, Smale observed, “the more sky you can see, the better.” People are advised to just go outside and gaze up.

According to Green, going outside to look for Perseids is a summer ritual. “Due to the comparatively mild nights, you may stay outside for a longer period of time to observe the stars. I’m going to bring a chair outside into my garden, sit back, and wait!”


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